Connecting the Dots guide

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2017 FAMILY RESOURCE GUIDE: The 2017 Family Voices Resource Guide Connecting the Dots is a comprehensive guide to all the services in Rhode Island for you and your family.

You'll find resources regarding early childhood, education and special education, health, community services, state supports, and more. Download the whole guide or just a page or two ... It's up to you!



The Rhode Island Parent Information Network provides information, support, and training to help youth and adults with disabilities or chronic illnesses advocate for themselves and their families. RIPIN encourages families, teachers, healthcare providers, and social advocates to contact us by email or 401-270.0101.

services & programs

» Support Groups
» Family Voices of Rhode Island
» Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project (PPEP)
» Early Intervention Parent Consultant Program
» HealthRIght
» RIPIN Resource Center

call us for

» Telephone consultation
» One-on-one peer support
» Mentoring
» Trainings for family-serving health professionals
» Family "know your rights and responsibilities" workshops
» Transition to adulthood support for children with special healthcare needs
» Assistance with Rhode Island systems navigation
» Medical insurance/healthcare information
» Parents’ role in healthcare policy/systems change